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The Happy Home Vibes blog offers a variety of small space ideas to improve your self-care environment.

Our health and wellness are paramount to living our best lives.

We’re spending more time at home these days because of the pandemic, so let’s explore some nourishing small room ideas together!

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Photo by Avrielle Suleiman

Our Content Focuses on Three Important Aspects:

  • Small space living (1000 sq. ft. or less). Small with big vibes!
  • A focus on products and strategies that nourish our 5 basic senses.
  • Ideas that can be applied to individual rooms in a larger-sized home, too.
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I enjoy thinking about these fundamental human attributes that nurture our health and wellness when I curate goods for small spaces.

Because I pay direct attention to the five senses in small space design, I find I can satiate potent, universal human needs.

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