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The Four Elements

A Mood Board to Inspire Small Space Design Using the Four Elements.

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Let’s Invoke the Four Elements into Your Small Space Design.

Earth, air, fire, and water are the observable elements that make up the physical world.

Ancient peoples studied and cultivated methodologies for studying and navigating life based on the four elements.

It is believed that an emphasis on the elements in various aspects of life will create powerful, positive energy.

I feel drawn to focus on the elements because I value the physical world in its unadulterated, natural state. Nature inspires us.

Image via Sean Oulashin 

Ancient people believed that humans were governed by the four elements.

Integrate a balance of the four elements into your everyday life and your physical, mental, and spiritual health will feel harmonized.

The four elements create Life. Harmonize them into your everyday life to experience a fifth element known as ‘aether’ or spirit.

“Spirit” can mean many things, but what I know, and feel is a connection to God when the elements are potently present — such as being in a wilderness.

Take a look at some lovely items to bring the four elements into your small living space.

Four Elements Mood Board Magic.

goods to inspire the four elements

These four elements will bring joy to you in your small space. Be present for each interaction with the elements and absorb the positive vibes!

Earth = Nourishment

Plant these wildflower seeds to watch a bee-happy garden spring up.

Grow a sunflower and attract the local birds to your little earth patch.

Help out the bees and give ’em a very cute home. (Without healthy bees, our earth is toast!)

Air = Knowledge

Be in the know with a beautiful Glass Weather Forecaster.

Watch the air take this gorgeous Kinetic Garden Art for a spin.

Fire = Transformation

Fire is magical. Transform your small outdoor space with an elegant and modern Esschert Fire Bowl.

Don’t forget to get your fire started with Organic, Resin Rich Kindling Sticks.

Water = Purification

Water…is everything. Start by drinking in positively charged water with this Quartz crystal-filled bottle. This healing stone will holistically charge your water for greater energy and rejuvenation.

Add potent, immune boosting elixirs to your water for optimal health.

four elements
Image via S Migaj

Go with grace, my friend. Check out this mood board I created for more inspiration.

Please be sure to leave a comment and tell me about your experiences with the elements.

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