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DIY Tutorial on How to Make a Flower Bar for Displaying Dried Flowers

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Check Out This Sweet Tutorial on How to Make a Flower Bar

This flower bar is an easy way to display the beauty of dried flowers and bring the outdoors in.

It’s also wonderful that dried flowers require no maintenance. They are relatively cheap to purchase, so when you tire of the look – change out your flowers with something new.

It’s very easy to customize this DIY flower bar project to fit your needs. Cut the 2×2 inch wood to any length you desire.

We used 2×2 inch Pine purchased at our local hardware store.

Use tall flowers or make them all short — it’s up to you. As a dining table center piece, cutting your flowers on the shorter side might be better for ease of conversation.

(It’s frustrating to have a conversation at a dining table through tabletop decor that blocks eye contact.)

We left our wood raw but staining or painting the wood would look great too!

DIY Flower Bar Tutorial

image by HappyHomeVibes

The holes should be drilled in a staggered or zig-zag pattern so that each flower has its own little spotlight and isn’t hiding behind another flower.

I used a pencil to mark my holes as a loose guideline, but just drilling holes randomly works too.

Look at the diameter of your flower stem and choose a diameter drill bit that is about the equivalent diameter.

Tip: It’s best to start with a very small diameter drill bit. You can always drill the hole larger later if you need to.

I found most of my flower stems fit into very small holes. You don’t want the stems floating around in holes that are too large or they won’t stand up properly.

Check out the craft stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. They carry many different varieties of dried flower bouquets.

It can be tricky to properly dry wildflowers with their stems and also maintain all that gorgeous color.

Instead go for some professionally dried ones found on Amazon or a craft store. You’ll discover a great variety that way too!


Items You’ll Need:

  1. Cordless drill with drill bits (Various sized drill bits to accommodate different sized flower stems).
  2. Hand Saw (This one is a beauty and will make the job quick, but you can also ask your hardware store to cut the wood to any length for you).
  3. Plant clippers for cutting tough stems
  4. 2×2 inch length of wood found at your local hardware store (Any species of wood will work — we used Pine).
  5. 100 grit or fine grit sand paper (We used a palm sander to speed up the sanding process DeWALT Palm Sander).
  6. Pencil for marking where to drill your holes
  7. Real dried flowers of various kinds:
    1. Bunny Tail Grass
    2. June Fox Dried Lavender
    3. Billy Buttons
    4. Pine Balls
    5. Pampas Grass
    6. Craspedia Buttons

Drill your holes big or small to accommodate different kinds of natural objects such as wild feathers or Pussy willow. Get creative with what you choose to display.

How to Assemble:

1. Cut the wood to the length you desire.

*We made two different lengths. A 24 inch one for our long dining table and several smaller 16 inch length flower bars that we gave as Christmas gifts.

2. Mark the holes with a pencil to guide where you will drill.

*I estimate for a 16 inch length of wood you might drill around 30 or more holes spacing each hole about a quarter inch apart.

3. Clamp your wood down onto a worktable (or work on your kitchen floor like I did and use your feet, legs and hands to hold the wood bar in place).

4. Drill the holes.

5. Sand the flower bar (wait until after you’ve drilled to sand it because the drilling will create rough, ragged holes).

*At this point you can stain or paint your flower bar. Be sure it’s thoroughly dry before moving to the next step. We left ours natural.

Lay the flower bar down and position the different dried flowers above the wood to see how you might want to arrange them. Cut the stems to vary the heights and create more visual interest.

Now, go ahead and insert the stems into the holes!

Stand back and assess. Tweak some stems (perhaps cut some lengths shorter) and now smile! You did it and it looks amazing!

Flower Bar
Image via @happy_home_vibes

I would love to hear in the comments how your DIY Flower Bar worked out for you.

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My kids got this incredible idea from you and surprised our family for the holidays with our own individual kits! We had all the assorted dried flowers we needed to personalize them for our homes! What a delightful gift! Thanks Happy Home Vibes!!!

This is so simple, yet, so impactful. I will definitely make some for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the inspiration and tutorial 🙂

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