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3.7.22 Five Senses Inspo

Five Senses Inspiration for the week of March 7, 2022

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Goods to Inspire Your 5 Senses for the Week of March 7, ’22

Each week I’ll share items that correspond to the five senses.

My plan is to help you get your small space Happy Home Vibes buzzing!

  1. Sight = Ceramic Vessels | Textured Stoneware Vases
  2. Sound = Soothing Sounds | Warm White Noise Machine
  3. Scent = Bright Fragrance | Print Block Perfume
  4. Taste = Spirit Uplift | Blissful Botanical Drinks
  5. Touch = Soft Cushions | Velvet Pillow Covers

Spring is in the Air.

Bright scents and new growth abound! Spring is nearly here for us in the Pacific NW. In these recent days, when the sun appears, everyone is out in shorts and t-shirts doing their thing in 40 to 50-degree weather. I love it!

This Week’s Gift Guide Shines a Light on Dark Winter Days.

1. Textured stoneware vases will make your Spring flowers sing! These beautiful vases can be used alone in a room for added decor or full of gorgeous flowers. I’d be happy to display the vases as they are — sans flowers.

2. Made of Beechwood, this stylish white noise machine holds 37 hypnotic sounds — 5 white noises, 5 fan sounds, and 27 nature sounds. All the sounds are crystal clear and immersive.

3. The Fleur de Sel roller ball scent combines ocean air and sea salt with top notes of floral and summer fruit. A bonus is the beautiful packaging!

Smell is a word, Perfume is literature.

Jean-Claude Ellena

Speaking of Literature…

An excellent book to read is Perfume by Patrick Süskind. The film cannot compare to the sensory experience of the novel. The villain is complex: pure in his quest and innocently evil.

4. This gorgeous set of non-alcoholic spirits was crafted to uplift your mood and soothe your spirit. “High Rhode” is a caffeinated aperitif with herbal notes of bitters, tart citrus, and spices and a floral finish meant to be paired with tonic or carbonated water. “Dream Light” is a nightcap that contains melatonin and is rich in smooth, earthy oak, smoky clove, and spicy cinnamon flavors. Pair it with nut milk or ginger beer and get ready to glide into slumber. *Note: contains Xylitol for anyone sensitive to that sweetener.

5. These cheerful, rich colors in a buttery velvet fabric will invoke positive, happy vibes in your small space. Pillows are an excellent way to change up the look of a space quickly and at a relatively low cost compared to buying new furniture or artwork. For living in a small space, it’s best to just buy decorative pillow covers — because there’s just not enough room to store a ton of fluffy pillows.

Take a glance at another lovely five senses collection I put together here.

Five-Senses with hand

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