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2.21.22 Five Senses Inspo

Five Senses Inspiration for the week of Feb. 21, 2022

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Goods to Inspire Your 5 Senses for the Week of Feb. 21, 2022

Each week I’ll share items that correspond to the five senses.

My plan is to help you get your small space Happy Home Vibes buzzing!

  1. Sight = Oil Painting | ‘Sun Shadows II’ Matted & Framed
  2. Sound = Ceramic Bells | Stoneware Bell Set
  3. Scent = Votives | Essentials Brights Scented Jar Candle Set
  4. Taste = MacroBars | Organic Vegan Delectable Protein Bars
  5. Touch = Bowl+Beads | Wooden Dough Bowl & Bead Garland

Ocean Breezes Inspire.

Today, a sunny, coastal breeze inspires visions of relaxing getaways on the shore.

1. A ready-to-hang print is your window to where the sea meets sand, complete with fluffy marine clouds.

2. & 3. The sound of ceramic bells gives a gentle stir in the wind and the fresh sea salt scent of your votive candle uplifts your mood.

4. Meanwhile, you’re nestled inside on this chilly February day feeling perfectly comfortable while you savor a Coconut + Almond Butter + Chocolate Chip vegan bar.

5. The Paulownia wood dough bowl cradles beads to occasionally pick up and run your fingers over, as one would with prayer beads, giving thanks and gratitude for a beautiful day and blessings that abound.

The charming dough bowls we see in many stylish interior designs date back to colonial days as discussed On Sutton Place.

People have used beads to count blessings, say prayers, or summon positive change for thousands of years. Using beads to invoke gratitude can be a powerful tool. Check out this video for inspiration on how one might use beads to invoke personal strength.

prayer beads for the five senses.
Image via Chelsea Shapouri 

Take a glance at another lovely five senses collection I put together here.

Five-Senses with hand

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