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Small space living can be tough. I’m here to help you create Happy Home Vibes no matter where you live by offering great small space ideas.

My name is Rebecque (sounds just like “Rebecca”) and for over 20 years, I’ve enjoyed beautifying small living spaces.

I’ve created Happy Homes Vibes in several living environments, such as:

  • a small tent in Alaska (for five seasons of commercial fishing)
  • a small fishing cabin in Alaska
  • an 8×12 square foot shed in California
  • a 400 square foot studio in Oregon
  • an 800 square foot apartment in Oregon

My husband, Charles, and I live in a home in Washington State that is less than 1000 sq. feet. It was even featured in Apartment Therapy!

Check out our small space here: Rebecque’s House Tour on Apartment Therapy

Because I have lived in a variety of little places, I know there’s always room for improving your Happy Home Vibes factor. I want to make sure you’re enjoying your small space living situation.

It’s my honor to help you create a sweet little space that nourishes your health and wellness.

Check back often to discover plenty of:

DIY tutorials, inspirational images, mood boards, and links to some of the best small space furnishings and cool products out there!

Now, let’s have fun exploring what you can do to make your small space living environment nourishing to your body, mind and spirit.

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