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Small Space interior
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Small Space Living – The American Dream?

No, I don’t believe Small Space Living has traditionally been the American Dream. Most of us want something bigger and better than what we already have. 

We see people out there (usually on TV, in movies, and on social media) living the luxe life and we want it too! 

When I lived in a little studio, I desperately wanted to upgrade to a one-bedroom apartment. Once we had our one-bedroom apartment, I really wanted a two-bedroom apartment, or the ultimate – an actual house! 

Affordability and Sacrifice.

But can most of us now afford to have that outdated American Dream? Is job security, adequate pay, balanced work/family life still there for the taking? Was it ever?

The ultimate question is, what will I have to sacrifice to attain the middle-class American dream of owning a 2- or 3-bedroom house?

Rising housing costs across the United States, and the challenges of the pandemic, are shedding a light on so many of our inadequate workplace situations, as well as living environments.

Not to mention the lengths the average worker must endure to get to work:

  • commuting
  • trying to avoid road accidents
  • public transportation (enclosed, cramped spaces) amidst a deadly pandemic
  • expenses associated with commuting such as gas and vehicle upkeep

Small Space Living Could Be the Answer.

Small Space Living is having its moment in American culture because we crave more time for ourselves, families, and friends, while also longing for some financial freedom. We also like working from home because that is precious time and money saved.

We’re now thinking of happiness in terms of real living.

  • spending time with loved ones
  • having more downtime
  • enjoying quality life experiences instead of succumbing to the 40+ hour work week grind so we can live in bigger houses and have more stuff
tiny red house
Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

It’s Time to Start Thinking Small!

Downsizing your living space can be a relatively quick way to accomplish having more time for yourself, as well as gaining some financial freedom.

The less you spend on your home purchase/mortgage, rent, or on stuff to fill an average-sized home, the more money you’ll have to focus on things that truly bring you (and your loved ones) joy.

We’re discovering that we no longer want to work so hard or put in so many extra hours for “the boss” – especially when the pay is inadequate, or the raises never come. Burnout is alive and well…especially during the pandemic.

If you’re feeling maxed out on living with extreme work stress to buy more stuff for yourself, your family, or your home…or, you’re just trying to make ends meet – you are not alone.

Trying to maintain the essentials in your home: food, temperature control, water, and sanitation can be very hard.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Living in a smaller space can make those essentials more affordable.

I spent quite a few of my coffee breaks driving through a nearby Walmart parking lot ogling the various large sheds for sale and thought to myself, “If we sell everything, buy a shed, place it in a kind friend’s or family member’s backyard, move in and live simply, can I then quit my stressful job and start a better life?”

Small Space Living Can Become the New American Dream. 

Van Life
Image via Alex Azabache

There’s a little video narration I keep seeing on social media that states, 

“Welcome to the New Rich.

We don’t care what kind of house you live in,

or what kind of car you drive.

We don’t care about those designer brands.

We’re debt-free.

What we care about the most is time…experience.”

The narration is usually accompanied by someone’s edited video of traveling the wide-open road or kissing their giggling children at the ocean side, walking through some beautiful scenery, or eating a wonderful meal from the comfort of their converted van with open doors to an incredible view.

Sounds pretty good! But it will not be without sacrifice. Small Space Living has many challenges. The exciting thing is the sacrifice for living in a small space can be worth a lot more than the sacrifice for living in a large space. 

Let’s Review Some Pros and Cons.

To further illustrate, here is a list of pros and cons for Small Space Living:


  • Less time spent on house upkeep, equals more time to focus on things you love.
  • Less to maintain.
  • Lower cost of housing.
  • Less to clean.
  • Lower cost of utilities.
  • Fewer “things” to buy for your home.
  • Financial resources have a chance to grow.
  • More time will be spent outside or having more out-on-the-town experiences.
  • Relax more easily in a small space; when your small space is clean and organized, it will feel cozy and comfortable.
  • Leisure time will come quickly because the cleaning goes fast! Kick back, read a good book, listen to some music, indulge in your hobby, or binge on Netflix.
  • Less money spent on housing means you might also be able to invest in some land to park your little home.
  • A small home on wheels means you don’t have to commit to one place to live – you have the option to try out other places to find the best fit for you and your family!
  • You’re going to enjoy being a part of an awesome small home community!
  • Bonus – you get to eliminate the “I have the largest house, so I’m expected to host everyone for all sorts of occasions all the time.”


  • Storage is extremely limited.
  • You’ll need to be organized to make it work well.
  • Anytime you bring something new in, you might need to give something up to make space.
  • Any item you bring into your space needs to be well thought out/ strategic!
  • Inviting more than a few people over to visit is difficult (especially if your space does not extend outside.)
  • Having more than one or two guests stay overnight is also very hard.
  • Living with several children in a small space is tough.
  • Sharing your small space with many pets might be tricky.
  • Not enough space for a Christmas tree. (Tip: I have lots of creative ideas for this. Stay tuned!)

First, what is considered a small space?

I define a small space as anything from a walk-in closet size (roughly one hundred square feet) to any space under a thousand square feet.

Second, what are some examples of small spaces?

Here are a few examples of lovely, little, inspiring homes I’ll keep in mind while curating ideas for your health, wellness, and small house needs:

Wall Tent

small space Wall tent
Image via @canvastentshop_ca

Yurt (or Ger)

small space Yurt Interior
Image via @pacificyurts

Shed (albeit a fancy-looking shed!)

small space Shed exterior
Image via @irelandrosestudios

Travel Trailer

small space travel trailer interior
Image via @mikeolsonrealtor

Skoolie (a converted school bus)

small space School Bus_Skoolie
Image via @themayesteam

Tiny House on Wheels

small space tiny house on wheels
Image via @truformtiny

Tiny House Without Wheels

Tiny House interior
Image via @tinyhomes

Small House

Small house near water
Image via

Third, How Do I Make My Small Space Livable and Filled with Happy Home Vibes?

Here’s where you benefit from subscribing to my newsletter and perusing this website! I cover many topics such as how to:

  • Let Go (of stuff), Clean up and Dig into Organization
  • Divide Your Space Into “Zones” for Better Flow and Livability
  • Visually Maximize a Small Space (Plus Lots of Other Small Room Ideas)
  • Physically Give Yourself More Space for Living Comfortably
  • Curate Items for Your Home That Bring You Joy
  • Bring the Outside In
  • Amplify the Beauty in Your Indoor Environment to Enhance Your Health and Wellness

As well as DIY tutorials and other cool stuff to inspire your pint-sized place.

Lastly, my personal, consumer mission is to shop strategically.

I cannot afford to buy most things on a whim! Can you relate?

I seek out long-lasting, high-quality items that are typically budget friendly and I always look at customer reviews before making my decision to buy.

So, get ready to receive some Happy Home Vibes because they’re headed directly toward you!

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